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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
DJ Services for weddings, corporate and private parties in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties

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DJ Doug, a/k/a The Owner.
"Thanks for checking out our web site. It's just a small look at what we have to offer. We are truly proud of our state-of-the-art sound and laser-effect lighting systems. They provide a club atmosphere that people prefer to dance to. As record pool members, we carry all the latest music. Our extensive music collection also includes your favorite flashbacks, retro and old school. It's time to party -- so give us a call or e-mail us, and let us Bring The Club To You!"

DJ Doug started his business in Northridge, California in 1985, and worked extensively with various KROQ deejays on private events. Doug is now a very versitile DJ with expertise in corporate events, weddings, college parties and youth events. His diverse background enables him to adapt to the moods and demands of each event. Doug loves to choreograph lighting to music for that club atmosphere, and has a great sense of the crowd -- knowing what songs to play when -- to keep the party pumping. Doug is a true professional that will make your event a success!
dj doug
Photo courtesy of
Richard Blade, KROQ FM, a/k/a King of the Flashbacks.
"I've worked a lot with Doug and L.A. Deejay Sound since 1985. His system is better than many clubs. If you ever want a great party, give Doug a call and invite us to come to your dance. I'll bring lots of great giveaways, such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains and CDs. So if you want a great club-like atmosphere and dance that's guaranteed to work -- it's Doug Kirk and L.A. Deejay Sound."

DJ Richard Blade has worked at KROQ since 1982, and has also been involved in many television and music video productions.
it's richard blade!

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