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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
DJ Services for weddings, corporate and private parties in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties

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we won't give up
We will provide superior service to our customers. We will do this by providing the best sound and lighting in the business, by having an extensive music collection, taking requests, and making sure the dance floor is full of happy dancing guests. We will be professional at all times. We will provide superior service by delivering what we promise. Are we good enough? Let the customer decide.
Our show will be carefully planned and choreographed to fit your event. From the music we play to the size and intensity of our sound and lighting systems to the activities we perform. We will work "hand in hand" with any caterers, hotel staff, photographers, etc., to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Depending upon the equipment used, we will set up 1-2 hours prior to the start of your event and will have music playing upon arrival of your guests.
we have the best sound
We use only professional, state-of-the-art disc jockey sound equipment. All of our equipment is in consoles, so it looks great. Our 2000 watt sound system is on the leading edge of sound technology, providing crisp, clear sound. Most people have heard deejay sound systems that are pushed beyond their capacity trying to fill a large room with sound, causing distortion and producing a "harsh" sound. L.A. Deejay Sound's high-tech sound systems have special sound enhancement components making them powerful enough to be run at lower levels. Our sound systems produce a full, high quality sound which is unsurpassed by other mobile deejay companies.
8,000 watts of lighting
We have an extensive special-effects lighting system that will be tailored to your event. Whether you are looking for simple, moderate dance lighting for a small private party, or extraordinary club-like dance lighting for a larger party, we have what you need to make your event a success. A six to eighteen foot lighting truss system will be raised above the deejay booth and we will choreograph an 8000 watt computerized light show that will provide a great "club like" dance atmosphere.
we've got the music
The music we play will vary depending on the event and the crowd. We carry a huge music collection covering hits from the 30's through the 02's, including todays latest hits. We mix up the music and read the crowd to make sure we keep everyone dancing and encourage requests. Our music collection is constantly updated. As record pool members, we receive all the new music at the same time as the clubs and radio stations. While other deejays are waiting for the music to come out at the record stores, we are already playing it at your dance!
we're flexible
Since every event we entertain at is different, we have become experts at fitting in with the crowd. We adapt our sound and lighting systems to go perfectly with the function, and we will play music that will please everyone. We are also extremely flexible with our personalities and appearance. Depending on the crowd response, you might see us dancing on the speakers or just remaining calm and classy.
which is best
Disc Jockeys have been gaining in popularity as dance entertainment over the years. A good Disc Jockey comes equipped with thousands of songs spanning several decades and every musical taste. Bands have clear limitations in the number of songs and variety of music they can offer. Going to an event with a band is like going to a concert. Bands are often more fun to sit around and watch than a Disc Jockey, and Disc Jockeys are much more fun to get up and dance to than a band. The ability to play music, continuously without breaks, from their tremendous selection of original dance songs, is the primary reason Disc Jockeys are far more popular when it comes to entertaining the variety of ages that often are present at an event. One last thing to consider, Disc Jockeys are usually less expensive than bands; often half the cost.

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