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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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About Coach Doug:

Growing up in Northridge, CA, I was involved in youth sports, including baseball and football. However, I never had the opportunity to play AYSO as a kid. But my passion for soccer was kindled while living in Brazil, the birthplace to one of soccer’s greatest – Pele. It was the World Cup. I was amazed how the city of Sao Paulo, with 13 million people, became an absolute ghost town moments before each World Cup game began. Families huddled around their TV sets passionately cheering on their country’s team. Each goal was met with a tremendous roar from the city, while exploding roman candles lit up the sky with white smoke. On any given day, the fields of any small town in Brazil, with makeshift goals, would serve the passion of neighborhood kids as they played day after day in hopes of making it big one day.

I have coached 19 teams over the last 10 years, including two All Star teams and a Viper traveling tournament team, and have watched my kids fuel a similar passion for soccer. I have enjoyed helping them, and every member on the team, to develop their own self-esteem, comradery, and teamwork as they hone their skills and put them into practice. Being highly organized not only on the field, but in preparation before the field, including detailed team websites for each team, my wife asked me, “Why do you have to give 120%? This is AYSO.” I explained that that’s exactly why I have to give 120%, and we're having tremendous success this year. I want to give everyone on my team the best opportunity to have fun and achieve success, as well as how to learn from defeat. Their growth, development and success are my passion.

Coach Doug

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