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Current Hot News as of Sunday, November 21, 2010:
  • TEAM PARTY: Our Team Party is this Monday evening at 6:00pm at Pizza Chief (corner of Kimball and Telegraph). Click here for directions. If you have not yet provided $13.50 to Elva for the trophies, please pay by the night of the party, as she paid for the trophies in advance out of pocket. Players, please be sure to wear your team jersey. There is a discount special that night, and I also have additional coupons you may use. Or CLICK HERE for coupon.

  • Results of Finals: For those of you interested, some of us watched the finals at Huntsinger. Results: 1st place: Code Blue, 2nd place: The Storm, 3rd Place: Hazards, 4th place: Turf Terrors. The first and second place teams will advance to area playoffs in a couple weeks. Concurrently, the All Stars tournament season will be starting this week. There has already been a draft, and players are currently being contacted by the coaches to determine interest and finalize their rosters. Congratulations to any EELS that may have been drafted.

  • SLIDE SHOWS: I adding two more slideshows from our two playoff games. Check Pictures page. Enjoy. If any parents have pictures that would like to add to another slide show, please provide them to me on CD by the night of the team party and I will post the pictures in a final slide show on the team website.

    ::: Aged news :::

  • Hard Fought War: Our final game was amazing. Did anyone notice how many people stopped to watch this game? This was certainly the ulitmate war of the playoffs, worthy of being the final showdown among two of the best teams in the league. I want to congratulate every Electric EEL for your performance today. Yes, it was heartbreaking to lose in the final seconds of overtime, but you can all hold your heads up high and know you left EVERYTHING on that field. I thought for sure we were going to have a PK shootout with seconds remaining in OT, but they got a lucky shot to advance to the semi-finals. Janae was nothing short of amazing in goal, stopping their penalty shot, and numerous scrambles in the goal box - even taking a kick to the neck (thank goodness we happened to have a trained chiropractor on hand to carefully examine her - how cool is that?). Emma took a shot to the face and had to leave the third quarter to tend to a bloody nose, but was back playing strong for the rest of the game. Our forwards all got some good shots at goal, including a great chance by Amber on the right wing. Our defense were tested time and time again throughout the game, and every defender came up big and held them off the entire game. Everyone played with great heart. You can all be very proud of the job you did today. I know that the families of the players watched a very entertaining game, and are very proud of our players. There were also numerous people watching that commented on how well our team played. The next best thing to playing and winning, is playing and losing. And I think we all had a blast this season.

    As we look back on the season, we won most of our games, learned a lot about the game, made great friends, and had a lot of fun. It has been a pleasure coaching and working with everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all next season.

  • PRACTICE THIS WEEK: We were considering an early practice on Thursday and Friday, but not everyone is getting the day off from school, so we will have Thursday afternoon practice at 3:45 as normal, and then have an 8:00am morning practice on Friday morning (same time as our game Saturday morning). That will give everyone the rest of Friday to play. See Calendar for outline of specific times. If anyone has a problem getting a ride, please contact coach and I will get you in contact with ride volunteers. Please attend as many practices as possible. It is really really really really really important that we beat Code Blue this Saturday. Forget the coach rivalry. Forget that we tied them the first time we played them. Just know that a victory will put us in the semi-finals and potentially playing the Hazards and the Silver Bullets - two teams we beat with ease the first time we played them. Yes, our team is fully capable of taking first place overall this season. Practice, 100% effort, success. I scream! I scream! I scream!

  • DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ENDS: Daylight savings ended this week. With that comes a sunset that is an hour earlier! And so are our practices. Beginning this week, our mandatory practices will be Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45pm-5:15pm. Additionally, practices have been added for Monday and Friday this week, but Monday and Friday are optional (see below). I know it will be difficult for some families to get there by 3:45pm, but I ask you to do your best to arrive at the start. If you have difficulties with rides, please contact me or Team Mom Elva and we will get you in contact with someone who can help. Let us know as soon as possible so we can help with arrangements.

  • EXTRA PRACTICES: Love soccer? Excited about the playoffs? Wanna take your game to the next level? We've added two additional practices during the playoffs. These additional practices are OPTIONAL for those players that want to take their game to the next level for the playoffs. The optional practices are Monday and Friday from 4:00pm-5:15pm beginning Monday, November 8th (Nov 12 will be 8am). They will be low key work on set plays, tactical discussions, and skill set improvement, but include World Cup play! Take your game to the next level for you and your team. Join us for the additinoal optional practices if you have time. WE HAD A BLAST last Friday and today playing a World Cup competition.

  • PLAYOFFS - Round 1: Wow! Electric EELS rock!!! You girls looked great today. Everyone really stepped up their game and dismantled the not-quite-so-Wild Pink Panthers. Congratulations again girls. That was really a fun game, and as fun to watch as I'm sure it was to play. There are a lot of teams and coaches taking notice to you. You can track the playoff bracket by clicking on "Bracket" on the menu. Please stay tuned in case there are any changes to the schedule. Click here for playoff schedule. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING YOUR BALL! We will have a tough game again against the #1 seeded team, Code Blue. You may recall they were our third game of the season and tied 2-2. Let's beat them this time and advance to the semi-finals. And if you beat Code Blue, ice cream is on Coach!

  • MANDATORY PRACTICES: Please see playoff schedule for updates. Parents, mandatory practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45pm-5:15pm.

    As we have been missing many players from our practices, and had many late arrivals, I ask parents to please have your players arrive by 3:45pm so they are ready to start on time. It is hard to prepare for the playoffs when we only have 6 of 12 players at practice. PRACTICE APPEARS TO HAVE BECOME AN OPTION ON WHETHER OR NOT TO BE THERE, TO SHOW UP LATE, AND THEN LEAVE EARLY. Game play time may be decreased for players that are late, or who do not attend practice. Being there on time and for a full practice is not for my benefit, but rather, for your own player development, and for the synergy that is required for the entire team. If you are having difficulty getting a ride to practice, please check with other players to see if you can get a ride. Thank you for your help in making these adjustments. We will practice for 90 minutes beginning with the arrival of the final player.

  • PLAYOFFS BEGIN: Playoffs begin this Saturday November 6th at 9:30am. Please arrive BEFORE 9:00am so we can warm up as a team before the game and discuss some strategies. Click here for playoff schedule. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING YOUR BALL! Our final seeding was 9th place after the regular season. We will therefore begin the playoffs by playing team ranked 8th - The Wild Pink Panthers. Click here for Seeding Chart showing the final standings at the end of regular season. Playoffs are single elimination. So we will continue to play another game and advance towards the finals as long as we are winning. Any loss, and the season is over. We will continue to have practices as long as we remain active in the playoffs.

  • GOT BALL? Parents, I keep saying this but players are still showing up to games and practices without a ball. Not sure I undertand it this far into the season. Please remember that your player should bring a ball to all practice AND GAMES.

  • Game 9 Recap: Today was yet another AWESOME game. I think everyone had a blast, including the parents. Everyone played great. I think our positioning in this game was very effective, and we will follow a very similar schedule as we go into the playoffs.

  • Game 8 Recap: Today was an AWESOME game. I think everyone had a blast, including the parents. What delighted me most is that the adjustments we practiced this week in practice were well executed during the game and it made our front line very effective. The defense continues to play strong. I was really impressed by the way everyone on the team played today.

    Next week we will play against one of the teams currently tied for first place. So we will have our hands full. But I know we can beat them if we play like we did today. Thanks, and we'll see you at practice. Please be one time.

  • Parents Cheer! Just a reminder from the Division Director who was at the game today. Please remember that players play, coaches coach, referees and parents cheer. There has been a little too much coaching and refereeing from the parents and friends in attendance on the sidelines. The Division Director reminded me that they will remove anyone from the sidelines that do not comply. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Game 6 Recap: Today was a difficult game. I think with all the bugs and flu the players have been dealing with, there was a lot of fatigue that set in during the second half. While we did well in the first half, I think the other team was noticably faster and out hussled us during the second half. First loss of the season. I think it is a positive thing to realize we can be defeated, and it will help us to look at why we lost, and what adjustments we need to make as we play the remaining few games of the season. Our team has a lot of talent, so I am confident that we will do well in the playoffs. But it will take hard work and commitment by everyone. I was watching some games this afternoon, and noticed a significant improvement in many of them in their speed. Rest up, heal up, and we'll hit it hard in practice this week.

  • Referees: I was reminded again today by the Division Director that our referees have not Center Refereeed any games this year. Lets see what we can do to cure this. We will need the volunteer points to help with our playoff rankings.

  • Player Comments: I encourage parents and players to let coach know if there is anything that concerns your player. My goal as coach is to make sure that everyone on the team is having a good time. Yes, we play to win, but also want to make sure everyone is having a good experience. So if there is anything you have concerns about, please do not hesitate to email me with your comments.

  • Scrimmages/Team Shirts: I will be trying to have weekly scrimmages over the next few weeks. Please try to bring along your team EEL jerseys to practices in case we have a scrimmage. I will try to post a confirmed scrimmage here on the hot news page before practice, but you may just want to bring your jersey along in your bag in case we have one. We have a about four teams that are interested in joining us for a scrimmage. One team may join us on a Tuesday for a scrimmage as well as a Thursday. Please be prepared.

  • Notice of Absence: I appreciate parents who are, for the most part, letting me know of anticipated absences from practices and game. It helps the coaches better prepare for how to approach practices and which drills they will be working on. It is PARTICULARLY important to let Coach know if your daughter plans to miss a game, and that you provide such notice by Friday afternoon or evening if at all possible. I don't care how late it is, as you can always leave a message, text, or email if I don't answer. We know there are circumstances when your player wakes up on game day and she is sick, but if your foresee her being out, please let Coach know by Friday afternoon or Friday evening at the latest because we develop a line card the day before and spend quite a bit of time in preparing lineup scenarios based on tactical game plans. So the more notice you can provide, the better. Thanks!

  • Volunteer Points: Parents, please keep in mind that we receive important volunteer points for every game in which we referees a game. These points go towards our final playoff seeding, so it is important that we accumulates as many points as possible. Center refereeing a game gets us 5 points and AR gets 1 point. Be sure to sign in at the division director tent to ensure that we receive credit. Parents can help us get points additionally by being nice on the sidelines, not coaching, not yelling calls to players or disputing referee calls, and by picking up all trash on the sidelines following each game. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  • Stranded Player?: Last weekend at one of our fields (field and division unknown), a parent had dropped off their child for their game and was not present to pick that child up until well after their game was completed. This child was left alone on the fields for hours watching games waiting for one of their parents to pick them up. Parents, we ask you to please be aware of the completion time of practices and games, and to please arrange for timely pickup of your player. We will also ask that parents, or designated adults who are picking up your player, sign out at the conclusion of practice and games to ensure that every player is accounted for. Sorry for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your cooperation.

  • Field Prep: If we have the first game of the day (8:00am), we are responsible for putting up the corner flags on the field. If we are the last game of the day (11:00am), we are responsible for putting away the corner flags on the field. I think the next game we will be responsible is October 9th (8:00am).

  • Expenses: As discussed in our parents meeting at the beginning of the season, we will have two separate costs structures. First is normal expenses incurred by team which will be managed by the Team Mom. These expenses include banner, team party, trophies, etc. The second are expenses incurred by the coach for practice equipment. As these second group of expenses are deemed necessary by the coach and purchased without prior parent notification, we will post the total expenses incurred and allow families to make a reimbursement donations volunarily if they are able to do so. The current total of out of pocket expenses to coach are $101.40, or $8.45 per player. If you wish to donate your share of the reimbursement, please pay your portion directly to coach. You can pay cash, or check to Doug Kirk. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Doug. Many thanks goes out to those families who have contributed towards the expenses.

  • Game 5 Recap: Tough game today. We had some girls out of breath, some wih bruises and drew a little blood. But we are still undefeated. We will need to work on some things this week we can get back on track. I hope to see some better attendance at practice this week. I know this virus that has been going around has really taken a toll on some of our players the last couple weeks It has hit our coaches too.

  • Parents: Please remember that coaches coach, players play, referees ref, and parents CHEER!

  • Game 4 Recap: Today was an awesome game! Everyone pitched in and helped us make a dominating victory. We had goals from Alani (2), Jasmine (2) and Shiara. There were also several assists and great passing. Above all, we had great defense and totally shut down our opponent's offense. I was very proud of everyone on our team. Great teamwork, and a well deserved win! Keep up the great work. Next week will be against Kevin Hatcher's team. You may recall they were the first pre-season scrimmage we had when we met them at Saticoy School on a Wednesday afternoon. They were a tough team, but I think if we played like we did today, we should be able to pull together another win.

  • Game 3 Recap: Today was a difficult tie, but we remain undefeated so far this season. The only difference is that we are now in the competitive part of the season where points count towards the playoffs. We get 3 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie. Please note: If your player was one of two players that received a "yellow card" during the game, please advise your player that those cards were recinded.

  • Game 2 Recap: I was very impressed by the performance of our team last Saturday. Everyone played with great heart. As we went down 0-1, and watched the other team essentially out-hussling us to the ball, I have to admit that was a bit worried. But with a few adjustments, we were able to get back on track, and everyone showed great heart and hussle, and it paid off with a very satisfying 5-1 victory. Going up by 4 goals by the end of the 3rd quarter (as we did in the 1st quarter in game one) gives us the freedom to put more players in varied positions. So I just wanted to thank the entire team for your effort. Having fun yet? ;-)

  • Opening Day: WOW! We have a TEAM! Our girls looked great today. There is a Division rule that we are not supposed to win by more than 4 goals, so when we went up 4-0 in the first quarter, we spent most of the game just playing defensively (although we did sneak a couple more goals in for a 6-1 victory. But I did see a lot of good passing, and hard play by everyone.

  • Rough Play: The other team played a little rough. Certainly, our girls safety is first and foremost, so if you see rough play, its okay to bring it to my attendtion (either players or parents). Please avoid addressing the referees because we can be docked points by the Division Director (and if the referees find it offensive, they can actually remove parents from the field).

  • Scrimmages: We had back to back scrimmages this week. Thank you to everyone that was able to put in the extra time on the field to attend. The first scrimmage went well even though it was the first time we put everything together on the field. The second scrimmage, today, was stupendous!!! Everyone played very very well. More passing, more hussle, more continuity. The team is really coming together! We have a great team, and the effort is coming from everyone on the team. Great game today, girls! Everyone is playing very well. Pretty cool to be 2-0 in our pre-season games!

  • Game Schedule Posted: The game schedule has now been posted. Please visit game link for more information. The snack schedule will be included on the game schedule by next week. Please check schedule weekly to ensure snack duties are prepared.

  • Shorter Practices: To accommodate school schedules and homework requirements, we have shortened practice by 30 minutes. Please arrive by 5:25pm. We will try to end by 7:00pm, but this time may be extended if we have players arriving late to practice. Since our brief time together is very important, please ensure that your player arrives to practice on time. If you cannot make practice for whatever reason, please advise coach doug via email or text or voice mail. Thank you or your cooperation.

  • Team Roster: The team roster is now available on the menu. For login information, please contact coach.

  • Contacting Coach Doug: As mentioned in the meeting overview letter I handed out, there are a few ways to reach Doug. I failed to put my email address on it, but that is the preferred method. The address is listed on the bottom of most pages on this site. Although you have probably received enough SPAM from me that you have the address memorized. Second on the list of preferred methods is via text. Third is phone. Email is the best so I can more easily keep track of who needs what. Thanks!


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