Programming Resources

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take 10 minutes to learn perl
cadic perl and c++ resources


cadic perl and c++ resources
Dougs C++ Resources


java server pages


Unix FAQs
Book suggestions:
*Learning the Unix Operating System*, 4th edition ($12.95) (very good for beginners)
*Unix for the Impatient* (good reference, comes with a CD-ROM)
*Unix in a Nutshell*, 3rd edition ($24.95) (general, nuts-and-bolts reference that is good to have on hand)
*When You Can't Find Your UNIX System Administrator* ($17.95)


Matts Script Archive
CGI Programming 101
Extropia - Solina Sols
free cgi code
cgi resource index
pingpackets web applications
nittlion website programming


Dougs Oracle Resources



Robert Else resources (asp, perl, security, database, ccard, developer, java and more)
net mechanic (diagnostics of your web page)
cold fusion training
dcshop shopping cart system
annabella's html color table
peter programming tool
spaceout database manager
netnation web hosting (great host)

NetNation Links

Web Development Resources

New User Resources

The NetNation FAQ
Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.
The World Wide Web FAQ
Answers to many common questions people have about the World Wide Web. Available in several languages.

Technical Resources

HTML Authoring

Netscape Open Studio
Netscape's HTML programming resource.
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
A very useful guide that combines traditional editorial approaches to document design with graphic design and user interface design. Includes how to optimize HTML code and graphics.
A Compendium of HTML Elements
A comprehensive guide to HTML programming.
HTML Center
NetNation's Free CGI Scripts
NetNation offers a variety of free cgi scripts that are pre customized to work with our servers.
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
Everything you need to know about password protecting sections of your web site.
What types of programming can accompany HTML?
An introduction to CGI, Java, Javascript, Applets, VRML, and ActiveX with tutorials.

Everything you need to know about perl.
Free Scripts Sites
Free Code
Matt's Script Archive
The CGI Resource Index
Script Search
Java & JavaScript
JavaScript Tip of the Week
Regularly updated javascript tips and tricks.
Java Goodies
Java Script Repository - An extensive collection of free JavaScript code
Javascript World
Web Coder
Developer Tools
Online Utilities
GIF Wizard - Find bloated graphics on your site using GIF Wizard's free site survey. Compress the graphics using GIF Wizards online tools.
Create Adobe PDF Online - Convert your documents to Adobe PDF files that anyone anywhere can read and print.
Web Site Garage
Tune up your web site: check browser compatibility, load time, dead links, popularity, spelling, HTML design.
Net Mechanic
Check your web site: Server check, load time, dead links, spelling, HTML design.
Doctor HTML v4
Performs extensive validating and troubleshooting of HTML pages.
Other Internet Resource Directories
The WDVL: The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Comprehensive web design resource.
The World Wide Web Consortium
Comprehensive web design resource.
Hotwired's web design magazine.
Webmaster Resources
Comprehensive web design resource.

Design Resources

Efuse - The friendly place to learn how to build a web site.
Creative Pro - Where Creative Business Clicks.
Net Tips for Writers and Designers
by David Siegel.
Creating Killer Web Sites - Online
by David Siegel.
Disabled users and the Web
by Jakob Nielsen, SunSoft Distinguished Engineer
Web Page design for Designers
by Joe Gillespie
Creating Web Graphics
Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Color Palette
In depth look at the 6x6x6 color cube from which the 216 color web palette is derived.
The Browser Safe Color Palette
Offers two versions of this color palette and advice on when to use it.
Multimedia Production
Macromedia Shockwave Plug In
Macromedia's Shockwave information
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia's Flash information
Director Web
An excellent Macromedia Director & Shockwave resource. The home of the verbose DIRECT-L mailing list.
QuickTime Developers Info
Comprehensive information on how to use Quicktime media.
Free Stuff
Andy's Art Attack!
Free GIF animations.
Web Clipart Links - Mining Company
Huge resource. The best place to start your search

Free Digital Stock Photos
Free Photos from NASA

Fonts & Things - free fonts

Free Online Utilities - easy to use online tool for creating buttons and logos

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