The Standard System

the standard system
"The Standard System"
a/k/a "The Manager's Special"
a/k/a "The Killer System

This system has all the great sound of the Premium System, but just doesn't include the laser-effect lighting. The Standard System includes a state-of-the-art 4 speaker 2000 watt sound system which uses Technique 1200s, Denon 2000 MKIII dual CD player, Newmark mixer, Rane Equalizer, Rane Crossover, BBE sonic maximizer, QSC amplifier, Crest amplifier, Cerwin-Vega bass cabinets with 18" woofers, and JBL 3-way cabinets. The lighting includes 8 computerized 300 watt "par can" dance lights, black lights and 2400 watts of floods, all on a raised 18 foot lighting truss. Mirror ball added upon request.

This is a great system which still exceeds the standards of other mobile deejays.

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